We offer a range of consulting services for trade intelligence and market researches, all designed to help suppliers and buyers to connect with suitable and strong partners in new markets. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to our clients. Our services help you reduce time to market and increase your return on investment in new markets.

At Mylo Trade we recognize the value of introducing the right product into the right market and, therefore, customize our services to assist our clients with achieving their business goals including:

  • Increase sales and profits
  • Expanding Your Business Internationally.
  • Finding The Right Trade Partner
  • Selecting the Best Markets to Enter
  • Determining market entry strategies
  • Enter an Emerging Foreign Market
  • Gaining your global market share
  • Providing consultancy on law, legislation, and tax issues


Success in foreign markets requires proper preparation. A strategy that is successful in one country may not work in another due to differences in culture, economic & political environment.


Our market entry and business development services support your business interests in bringing your products and services to the US market.


One of the most crucial is the selection of the right supplier. The right supplier provides the right quality of materials, on time, at the right price, and the right level of service. At Mylo Trade we help you to identify and evaluate high quality suppliers suppliers


Import & Export compliance is much more than filing a Customs Entry or Export Declaration. US Customs and the Bureau of Industry & Security require a high level of compliance with the laws & regulations governing a company’s imported and/or exported merchandise.