Economic Impacts of the California Almonds

The California almond industry is a large and dynamic part of California agriculture and makes major contributions to the California economy. According to The Almond Board of California, California Almonds are California’s number one agricultural export and number three agricultural crop valued at $4.35 billion in 2012. California produces 80 percent of the world’s almonds and 100 percent of the US commercial supply. A recent study from the University of California Agricultural Issues Center (AIC), directed by Dr. Daniel Sumner describes and measures the economic impacts, of the California Almonds to the California economy.

The contribution of almonds based solely on almond production, processing, and marketing in California is approximately $11 Billion. The study looked beyond the value of production and other industry specific data to trace the influence of the almond industry on the rest of the economy. The
Agricultural Issues Center (AIC) measured:

1. Direct impact through value of almond production and employment
2. Indirect impact through demand for inputs to almond production, processing and marketing
3. Induced impact through how almond income allows consumption of other goods and services produced in California

The almond industry as a whole, including processing and marketing, generates about 104,000 jobs statewide. Three quarters of those jobs are outside the almond industry – jobs that follow almonds off the farm and outside of the processing plant as a result of the business that almond industry members do with other companies and money they spend in their communities.

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