Market Opportunities for U.S. Exports in China

South China offers a huge and growing market for U.S. agricultural exports. Overall South China imports of agricultural, fishery and forestry products reached a new record in 2017, surpassing $42 billion. TAccording to the USDA, this region imports approximately $8 billion in U.S. agricultural and related products annually, making it one of the largest markets in the world for U.S. agriculture. Despite already large trade numbers, strong opportunities remain for growth in U.S. exports for a range of food, beverage, animal feed, and agriculture-related products.

South China is dominated by Guangdong province, in which Guangzhou and Shenzhen are both located. Guangdong province is an economic powerhouse and the number one province in all of China in terms of population, GDP, retail and e-commerce sales. It is also the largest producing region for animal feed in China, and is the hub for imports of fresh fruit, tree nuts, and many meat products into China. The e-commerce sector is booming here and other sectors, such as for bakery ingredients, are also experiencing rapid growth.

U.S. agricultural trade with South China has been developing for over 200 years, as Guangzhou was the destination of the first U.S. shipment of products to China on a ship called the Empress of China (carrying hides, cotton, and ginseng) in 1784. Since that time, U.S. agricultural products have built a strong reputation in South China for their high-quality and safety. Strong consumer demand for imported agricultural and food products, continued robust economic and consumption growth, and excellent logistical connections and port facilities, all make South China a market with continued high potential for U.S. exporters.