The Pickens Plan

The Pickens Plan is an energy policy proposal announced July 8, 2008, by Boone Pickens the founder and chairman of BP Capital Management, to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. Calling foreign oil an “addiction” that afflicts the American economy, environment and national security, the Pickens Plan endorses wind power and natural gas as the future of American energy.

In a LinkedIn article he wrote, Pickens calls a “North American energy alliance” between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Work with our allies. With Mexico and Canada, establish a North American Energy Alliance to create an energy powerhouse that will never have to bow to the demands of OPEC again. We can start by approving the building of the Keystone XL pipeline to safely and economically transport Canadian oil to refineries in the U.S. rather than forcing Canadians to ship that oil to China.

I suggest President Trump pursue an energy plan with two parts:

1. Don’t screw up what we have going for us.

2. Don’t settle for what we’ve done so far.