Turkish Seafood Exports to the US

Surrounded by three seas – the Black, Aegean and Mediterranean – and with more than 8,300 kilometers of coastline, Turkey undoubtedly has all of the ingredients to be a seafood superpower. Turkey is a world leader in the farming of seabass and seabream. Its fish are exported to markets around the world. Turkish seafood exports value reached to $693 million in 2014. Turkish seafood exports to the US increased to $24 million by 2014.

Three main species — trout, seabream and seabass – account for the bulk of Turkey’s production, but it also farms smaller amounts of bluefin tuna, meagre, white grouper, common dentex and shrimp. Turkey is the world’s biggest producer of seabass and seabream, with total production of around 110,000 tons, the majority of which is exported. In terms of trout production, Turkey is already Europe’s largest producer, producing around 110,000 each year.

Being bordered by three seas, Turkey has great potential for seafood production, not only from sea-catch, but also from the aquaculture of regional Aegean and Mediterranean species along the western and south- westerncoastlines. Freshwater farming also takes place in almost all regionsofTurkey. The EU is Turkey’s primary market for fish and seafood exports, because people seek healthier products.Turkey’s fish and seafood exports are increasing to Russia, the Middle East and even the Far East and the US. Turkey also has a tuna ranching industry which catches and fattens tuna for the Japanese market.

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