U.S. Imported 34.6 mmt of Steel in 2017

The United States is the world’s biggest steel importing nation, buying 35.6 million tonnes of the building raw material in 2017. According to the Department of Commerce Steel Report, in 2017, the U.S. imported 34.6 million metric tons (mmt) of steel, a 15 percent increase from 30 mmt in 2016 and a 14 percent decrease from the near-record high of 40.3 mmt in 2014.

The United States imported steel from 85 countries and territories in 2017. The top source countries for U.S. imports by volume vary across types of steel products. Canada accounted for the largest share of U.S. imports by source country at 17 percent (5.8 mmt), followed by Brazil at 14 percent (4.7 mmt), South Korea at 10 percent (3.4 mmt), Mexico at 9 percent (3.2 mmt), and Russia at 8 percent (2.9 mmt). In 2017, the share of steel exports sent to the United States from its top import sources decreased in the majority of the U.S. top 10 sources. Mexico’s share of exports to the U.S. showed the largest decrease between 2016 and 2017, down 7.9 percentage points. Other notable decreases included Turkey’s share of Turkish steel exports to the
U.S. (down 4.3 percentage points from 2016), followed by Brazil (down 1.2 percentage points). The share of exports to the U.S. in Japan and South Korea both decreased by less than one percentage point.

Antidumping duties (AD), countervailing duties (CVD), associated suspension agreements, and safeguards are often referred to collectively as trade remedies. These are internationally agreed upon mechanisms to address the market-distorting effects of unfair trade, or serious injury or threat of serious injury caused by a surge in imports.

For more on the U.S. Steel Imports in 2017, see the Steel Imports Report at www.trade.gov