US Dried Fig Imports from Turkey

Turkey is the biggest dried fig producer and exporter in the world. 60-70% of world’s high quality dried fig production and 75% of world’s fig export is being made by Turkey. Around 50% of world production of dried figs takes place in Turkey and almost 2/3 of dried figs exported to world has the origin of Turkey. US dried fig imports from Turkey is on the rise as Turkish dried figs are becoming good source of dietary fiber. Fiber and fiber-rich foods may have a positive effect on weight management.

The United States is both an exporter and importer of figs. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), in 2014, U.S. fig exports valued at nearly $17.3 million were sold on the international market. In 2014, the total value of both fresh and dried figs imported into the country was nearly $32.1 million, up 53 percent from the previous year. Turkey was the largest supplier, providing figs valued at nearly $27.4 million – nearly doubling the previous year’s total – followed by Greece, which provided figs valued at nearly $3.7 million. More than half of the figs consumed in the United States during 2014 were imported.

Turkish figs are considered the highest quality in the world with its high soluble solid and sugar content, low acidity, light yellow skin and its amber colored inside. Dried figs from Turkey contain vitamin A, C, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Figs have many advantages for human life. They produce energy, have good effects for liver, they do great job for lowering high blood pressure, also they have positive effects for diabetes because of a insulin-lowering fact. Additionally, figs have very important role in fighting and protecting from cancer.

Turkish dried figs harvest start at the end of August depending on summer weather conditions. Turkey’s Aegean province is famous for dried figs. Turkish Figs are grown around the western city of Aydin with exports coming via the extremely busy port of Izmir. The most common forms of whole figs exported are Natural, Lerida, Protoben, Pulled, Garland. Being dried naturally under sun, fruit have low water activity levels that allow longer storage and transportation under ambient conditions.

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