US Imports of Turkish Dried Apricots

Turkey is one of the most important apricot production countries in the world. Turkey produces almost 80% of the dried apricots in the world without any serious competitors. Turkey is also the biggest dried apricot exporters to correspond 70% in the total world export. The Turkish crop is harvested in July and August. The US imports of Turkish dried apricots are steadily increasing.

Turkish apricots are mostly produced in Malatya province known as the dried apricot capital of the world. The best quality apricots come from Malatya with its unique taste and aroma, because of its unique ecological and soil endowments. The province of Malatya exported the largest quantity of dried apricots to the U.S. in August. Dried apricots are often consumed as a snack, and also mixed with other dried fruit and nuts.

Dried apricot is derived from fresh apricot, there are two types; natural dried apricots are dried directly under the sunlight and have a light to dark brown color. They are not treated with sulfur dioxide. Sulphured dried apricots, which are treated with sulfur dioxide (SO2) in order to provide a lighter coloring and a longer shelf life. The colouration is between light yellow and orange. Most of the dried apricots imported to the U.S. from Turkey, are not organic, meaning sulfur dioxide is added to preserve the fruit.

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